SLA that sets standards on the service offered at VirtYo, LLC

VirtYo guarantees a 100% network and power uptime on the services offered at the company.

The below credit chart will help you how our SLA works.

★ 100% Uptime – 0% Credit
★ 99.1% to 99.9% Uptime – 5% Credit
★ 98% to 99% Uptime – 15% Credit
★ 95% to 97.9% Uptime – 50% Credit
★ 0 to 94.9% Uptime – 100% Credit

SLA terms

The following terms apply when requesting SLA based credit on your service

  1. The above Credit Chart is applicable only for VirtYo’s Cloud and Dedicated services 
  2. Scheduled NOC maintenance is not applicable for credit
  3. Downtime for hardware failures and events out of VirtYo’s control are not applicable for credit
  4. SLA requests are approved only for customers who have a good standing with payments
  5. All SLA claims must be submitted within a week (seven days) on the occurrence of the event.
  6. All SLA claims should be submitted at the sales ticketing department via app.
  7. SLA credits will be approved after a 3 day investigation of a specific event