VirtYo™ was founded in 2015 by a group of hosting industry veterans. We wanted to build a flexible, modular, and scalable hosting platform with powerful service automation, equipped with the most desiarble qualities of the Cloud.

We have talented employees, the majority being experienced devops and developers working actively on the OpenStack platform. We hire many people directly from the hosting industry, adding their knowledge and experience to the team.

VirtYo™ is a brand of Dimension 4 Networks Pvt. Ltd., focused on Next Generation Cloud Hosting Services, aimed to meet the evolving needs of our Clients.

We are a customer-focused service provider committed to providing our customers the highest levels of customer service and support. We will always go the extra mile for your organization. Everyone at VirtYo are committed to putting our collective expertise to good use for all of our customers by constantly evolving our Cloud platform.


Why Choose Us ?

Fully Scalable

Flexbility to Upgrade Your Virtual Machine Any time to a Higher Plan.

Truely Unmetered

100% Unmetered Bandwidth without any Limitations.

Raw Power

With Dedicated Cores, the Compute performance is unmatched.

Superfast NVMe SSD

NVMe Drives insure the SSD I/O is the best with no lags.

DDoS Protection

All VMs include Enterprize Grade DDoS Protection by default.

Always Monitored

Our Inhouse Monitoring for all Virtual Servers for any Issues.


Unmetered Bandwidth means you don't need to bother about Charges or the situation where you exhaust all your monthly Bandwidth/Data Transfer Quota.
An unmetered bandwidth plan allows you to have a Total Peace of Mind, you don't get charged for the volume of traffic that comes to your site or in the situation where you get DDoSed.

NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) is a new protocol for accessing high-speed storage media that brings many advantages compared to legacy protocols. SATA provides maximum bandwidths of around 750Mb/s. A single PCIe lane can move 965Mb/s, and NVMe uses 8 PCIe lanes in parallel, delivering bandwidths of up to 2.8 GB/s.

Yes. Kindly check the Datacenter Details.

It usually takes a maximum of 10 minutes to Setup the Instance. If it gets delayed for more than 10 minutes please open a Ticket.

Yes, We can install any control Panel for you like CWP, VestaCP etc. Paid panels like DirectAdmin are also available.

Most VPS providers heavily oversell their server’s resources on the assumption that most customers don’t really use the resources. But when a customer does its causes major issues and these customers get labeled as ‘resource abusers’. VirtYo’s Dedicated CPU VPS is exactly what its name implies – dedicated CPU Core - to be used ONLY by you.

This means along with the CPU core, the memory and disk are assigned only to your account, you’re not timesharing with an unknown number of other users.

Yes, we do. We Accept PayPal , Credit Cards & BTC.